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Remove /?doing_wp_cron from URL

Do you have “/?doing_wp_cron” in every URL on your WordPress site? It happened to me recently on one of my site and bothered me a lot, because it attached itself to every URL on the website.

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My New iMac Setup Troubleshooting

After 8 years hardworking, the old iMac quit on me eventually. Instead of troubleshooting, I chose to upgrade to a new iMac. Of course, I already have TimeMachine backup on NAS disk. Hope the migration experience would be easy as clicking few buttons. But it wasn’t. At some point, I was so stressed out, almost gave up and decided to return the purchase to get another one. However, as a troubleshooting guy, I eventually came through and get my new iMac up running with all my documents and apps back.

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Contact Form 7 common problems and solutions

Contact Form 7 (CF7) is one of the most popular WordPress plugin. As the simplest online contact form solution, it is also included in many commercial themes. But when online form doesn’t send out email, or website owner can’t receive email, we need a solution and we want it fixed ASAP.

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How to increase Max Input Vars on GoDaddy shared hosting account

When setup some of the WordPress themes, you may see Maximum Input Vars notification. It asks you to increase Max Input Vars in your host to be able to use the theme. After searching for help, you may find several options. But in my case for a WordPress installation on GoDaddy shared hosting account, only one works.

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BackWPup: A backup job has started, but nothing happens

BackWPup is a very popular comprehensive WordPress backup plugin. I use this plugin on some of my websites, and really don’t have any major problems with it. Sometimes, there were bugs here and there, but were quickly taken care of by the development team. But just yesterday, I faced one very strange problem I never met before. After setup a new backup job and hit the “Run Now” button (link), nothing actually happens. Even a short description says, “Job (job name) has started”, no backup file can be found in the backup folder.

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Troubleshooting WordPress: Disable All Plugins?

Troubleshooting a WordPress website is challenging. Troubleshooting a live site posses more challenges. You may have read a lot of advice on the Internet from somewhere, among which, “disable all plugins” is one that mentioned most.

Should you?

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How to clean up a hacked WordPress site

One of client’s WordPress site got hacked. The client can’t access the site, even admin dashboard at the back-end, because the site is always being redirected to a phishing site: If you run into exactly same problem, here is how I fixed it.

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How to Manually Cleanup Malware from WordPress Site

Is your WordPress site infected with malware? It can be extremely headache to deal with. Scanning and cleanup a hacked site isn’t a simple task. There are many things involved and many techniques required to get it done properly. But sometimes, if a site is just slighted infected, cleaning up the malicious code and infected file isn’t as difficult as you may think.

I happen to have a site like this recently. It didn’t take me too long to identify the infected files and cleanup the site. It is a very good example to demonstrate some basic skills and steps to cleanup malware from infected WordPress site. Hope it could give you some ideas, and help you in your battle fighting malware.

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BackWPup: SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed

I backup database daily, and send multiple copies to different locations. One is my Amazon S3 bucket for backups. If backup task failed, a notification email will be sent to me. And I am getting notification email of this sort recently, constantly from one website. One time isolated failure can be ignored for temporary cause (bad connection for example), not continuous failures.

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