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WooCommerce Template Customization: Mobile Responsive Product Quantity Input Template

Although WooCommerce default page templates are mobile responsive overall, further polish is required to match the theme for each specific project. In one of my latest projects, I ran into the problem with default WooCommerce product quantity input box. It is designed for desktop browser, using a mouse and / or keyboard as input device. On mobile device, especially smartphone, changing product quantity can be fussy.

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WooCommerce Subscriptions Customization: Restore Additional Profile Field Added by PMP Register Helper

Can’t find a good title for this one. Here is the background. On a membership website, the membership feature was achieved by using Paid Membership Pro (PMP) plugin. An extra profile field was added using PMP Register Helper. Few months ago, a WooCommerce online store integration project brought in WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to replace the membership purchase and recurring billing function which were provided by PMP. If you happen to be on the same boat, you know exactly what happens: The PMP check out page is replaced by WooCommerce checkout page. The additional profile filed is also bypassed.

The task: to restore the additional profile field using WooCommerce filter & hook.

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WooCommerce: Disable Product Review Tab

When working with plugin like WooCommerce, it is hard to avoid customization, a lots of it. In my recent project, I adopted WooCommerce to achieve product management without shopping cart experience. You guessed it, disable and hide so many options.

As it is just a product showcase, review is not required on single product detail page. There are actually two ways to disable the reviews tab.

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