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BackWPup: A backup job has started, but nothing happens

BackWPup is a very popular comprehensive WordPress backup plugin. I use this plugin on some of my websites, and really don’t have any major problems with it. Sometimes, there were bugs here and there, but were quickly taken care of by the development team. But just yesterday, I faced one very strange problem I never met before. After setup a new backup job and hit the “Run Now” button (link), nothing actually happens. Even a short description says, “Job (job name) has started”, no backup file can be found in the backup folder.

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BackWPup: SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed

I backup database daily, and send multiple copies to different locations. One is my Amazon S3 bucket for backups. If backup task failed, a notification email will be sent to me. And I am getting notification email of this sort recently, constantly from one website. One time isolated failure can be ignored for temporary cause (bad connection for example), not continuous failures.

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Troubleshooting: BackWPup Next Cron Job at Dec 31, 1969

As usual, on the new website, I created few backup jobs in BackWPup (Free) – my favorite WordPress backup plugin, setup the scheduled start time with WordPress cron. Because I setup one daily backup also send a copy to Box.Com via email, which will trigger an automatic notification email from Box.Com, I get to know if the scheduled backup is executed on time. But something strange happened after the following two days. The scheduled backup didn’t start as expected.

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