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WooCommerce Subscriptions Customization: Restore Additional Profile Field Added by PMP Register Helper

Can’t find a good title for this one. Here is the background. On a membership website, the membership feature was achieved by using Paid Membership Pro (PMP) plugin. An extra profile field was added using PMP Register Helper. Few months ago, a WooCommerce online store integration project brought in WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to replace the membership purchase and recurring billing function which were provided by PMP. If you happen to be on the same boat, you know exactly what happens: The PMP check out page is replaced by WooCommerce checkout page. The additional profile filed is also bypassed.

The task: to restore the additional profile field using WooCommerce filter & hook.

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Missing User Registration Date?

Default users list in WordPress dashboard yield limited information, only userame, name, email, role & posts. Once we customize the website with membership, more requests related with member registration information start emerging. For example, I want to know the user registration date.

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Dynamically Add Menu Items in WordPress

One customization in membership website is to add login / logout link somewhere on the web page. Most common place to add this link is navigation menu. Login / logout menu item can’t be added via Appearance / Menus in admin panel, because it changes its content based on user “logged in” status.

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S2Member Causes Internal Server Error

S2Member is my favorite membership plugin for WordPress. I have spent quite some time digging this plugin, and been able to tailor some of its features to meet my clients’ requirement. I’ve done quite a few S2Member installations without any headache until just now.


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