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BackWPup: SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed

I backup database daily, and send multiple copies to different locations. One is my Amazon S3 bucket for backups. If backup task failed, a notification email will be sent to me. And I am getting notification email of this sort recently, constantly from one website. One time isolated failure can be ignored for temporary cause (bad connection for example), not continuous failures.

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Dynamically Add Menu Items in WordPress

One customization in membership website is to add login / logout link somewhere on the web page. Most common place to add this link is navigation menu. Login / logout menu item can’t be added via Appearance / Menus in admin panel, because it changes its content based on user “logged in” status.

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Hide the Admin Bar in WordPress

Once we start membership integration, adding non-admin users, the admin toolbar seating on top of the page for logged in users becomes annoying. The toolbar for regular user such as subscriber provides only links to edit profile or link to log out. A fully customized membership website should has other options to provide these links. In almost all my projects, clients want to hide it from regular users.

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Seriously! How to Remove WordPress Version Number

A lot of us know that, “removing WordPress version number” is a fairly popular security trick. The purpose is to hide the WordPress version number embedded in the final rendered HTML code, so to reduce the risk of being targeted by hackers for known vulnerability.

Whether this trick has anything to do with security is still a myth, let’s take a look at how it works.

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