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How to Manipulate WordPress Automatic Background Updates

Not just another regular update, WordPress 3.7 made automatic background updates a reality. Gone are the days of manually updating WordPress to tighten up web site security or fixing bugs, background updates can keep your WordPress installation updated with this latest 3.7 release.

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WordPress is Testing Automatic Background Update in 3.7 Beta 1

WordPress is testing background update. One of my site running on WordPress 3.7 alpha has been quietly updated to 3.7 beta. I didn’t even know until I received an update notification email.

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WordPress Update: Installation Failed / Could Not Copy Files

Nothing is more exciting than updating WordPress to the latest version that brings you not only enhancements, but also new features. And nothing is more nerve-racking and dejected when the update doesn’t go smoothly as it should.

I had this “Installation Failed” on 3 of my client websites when trying to update WordPress to 3.6.

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