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How to Manually Cleanup Malware from WordPress Site

Is your WordPress site infected with malware? It can be extremely headache to deal with. Scanning and cleanup a hacked site isn’t a simple task. There are many things involved and many techniques required to get it done properly. But sometimes, if a site is just slighted infected, cleaning up the malicious code and infected file isn’t as difficult as you may think.

I happen to have a site like this recently. It didn’t take me too long to identify the infected files and cleanup the site. It is a very good example to demonstrate some basic skills and steps to cleanup malware from infected WordPress site. Hope it could give you some ideas, and help you in your battle fighting malware.

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WordPress Security Tip: Disable Theme and Plugin Editors in Admin Panel

WordPress administrators can modify Theme & Plugin files in build-in editor. The editor provides a convenient approach for site administrator to change something on the fly without going through FTP client. It also makes it possible for novice site owner to crash the site. As a security measure, it is recommended to disable the editor to improve security.

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