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Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file.

When trying to update stock Twenty Fourteen theme today, I ran into a theme update failing problem. The error message is “Download failed. Failed to write request to temporary file.”. The first reaction was file / folder permission setting. But it wasn’t the case this time.

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Troubleshooting: BackWPup Next Cron Job at Dec 31, 1969

As usual, on the new website, I created few backup jobs in BackWPup (Free) – my favorite WordPress backup plugin, setup the scheduled start time with WordPress cron. Because I setup one daily backup also send a copy to Box.Com via email, which will trigger an automatic notification email from Box.Com, I get to know if the scheduled backup is executed on time. But something strange happened after the following two days. The scheduled backup didn’t start as expected.

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Troubleshooting: Archive Link Not Working

On one of my WordPress website, the archive link is not working. The site has over 2 dozen plugins installed, and just been handed over to me a week ago. I have no clue when and what was done to the site, neither did my client. Instead of the usual routine of disabling all the plugins, I turned to Google Search. There are few possible solutions, I quickly located mine.

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Missing User Registration Date?

Default users list in WordPress dashboard yield limited information, only userame, name, email, role & posts. Once we customize the website with membership, more requests related with member registration information start emerging. For example, I want to know the user registration date.

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Manually Reset WordPress User Password

From time to time, we need to reset user’s password because user forgets his / her password on a WordPress website. There are few ways to do so. Either use “Lost your password?” function on login page to reset the password, or to change password with the help of one of the site administrators. In very rare cases, none of this works.

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Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed

Recently, I have few WordPress websites run into White Screen of Death (WSOD) without doing anything by either client or me. The error message can only be observed once WordPress is set to Debug mode. (Change WP_DEBUG to True in wp-config.php).

Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /path-to-file/filename.php on line #.

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A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt

Have you ever found your website Google search result with description like this, “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.”. All those SEO keywords, descriptions seems not working in this case.

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Troubleshooting: WordPress Contact Form Not Sending EMail

I was ready to call it a day after long hard-working hours, then a unhappy customer dropped me a bomb, “Hey, the contact form you just touched today not sending out email. Get it fixed, NOW!”. If this sounds familiar to you, then you shouldn’t be panic.

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WordPress Update: Installation Failed / Could Not Copy Files

Nothing is more exciting than updating WordPress to the latest version that brings you not only enhancements, but also new features. And nothing is more nerve-racking and dejected when the update doesn’t go smoothly as it should.

I had this “Installation Failed” on 3 of my client websites when trying to update WordPress to 3.6.

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