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How to get content from WordPress submenu only

wp_nav_manu() displays a navigation menu. We can call different menu by assigning a different $menu. But the is no straightforward function to get only a submenu. For example, we may want to display a submenu on the sidebar for easier navigation.

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Dynamically Add Menu Items in WordPress

One customization in membership website is to add login / logout link somewhere on the web page. Most common place to add this link is navigation menu. Login / logout menu item can’t be added via Appearance / Menus in admin panel, because it changes its content based on user “logged in” status.

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Troubleshooting: W3 Total Cache Mess Up with WordPress Navigation Menu

Most of us will install a caching plugin in WordPress for performance improvement. I do so on most websites when clients ask for a quick speed tuning. There are quite a few good FREE caching plugins available, and they are all doing a decent work. But sometime, you have to realized that, it may bring negative impact on your website. This time, it is W3TC – W3 Total Cache.

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