How to Upgrade to WordPress 5.0 without losing Classic Editor

The anxious waiting is over, WordPress 5.0 is finally launched. Other than the brand new Block Editor, there are other features which worth the upgrade. After all, it is 4.X no more but a brand new 5 series. If the Gutenberg (block editor) interface is the only thing stops you from clicking the update button, you can consider making the switch while keeping the familiar back-end editor interface.

Classic WordPress TinyMCE editor is excluded from WordPress 5.0 package. It can be obtained as a plugin from plugin repository, called Classic Editor.

Upon activation of the Classic Editor plugin, the WordPress installation now has 2 editors available: Classic Editor & Block Editor. Site administrator can decide which editor serves as default editor for all users. User can also choose which editor to open the post / page. Related settings can be found under Settings / Writing: