WordPress On The Go

I get random emergency requests from time to time while I am away from my desk. Instead of carrying a laptop, I normally just take my iPad mini. Since installed the right apps, I found myself can get more work done on the road. As a developer, I don’t write many blogs, but code, and other administrative tasks. The tools that I eventually settle with are WordPress and Diet Coda.


I can do most tasks in WordPress app like what I would normally do in the desktop browser. It is customized but not limited for site owners to moderate comments, create or edit posts / pages, view stats (with JetPack installed). I can also check live site via “View Site”,Ā  access everything WordPress admin panel in “View Admin” (formerly Dashboard) from iPad or even iPhone. Although it is just a browser shell without providing a full-featured navigation, I love that it adds the ability to do a quick site check up, or quick admin task without desktop admin login.

[WordPress by Automattic for iPhone & iPad on iTunes App Store]

Diet Coda

Packed up with the essential features of its desktop version, Diet Coda is a heavy-lift app tagged with premium price. I hesitated at iTunes app store for few days before I finally made the purchase, and never regret that I bought it.

With Diet Coda, I can manage all websites, keep track individual site FTP/SFTP login credentials, manage files, edit PHP, HTML code, and even be able to launch a Terminal interface to work with command line.


[Diet Coda for iPad on iTunes App Store]

Next time you want to go out light-weighted, carry the iPad instead of laptop. You can still get most done on the go with the right apps.