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List All WordPress Posts by Category

If you are looking for a way to automatically generate a post index page, with all the post title & link in a WordPress website, the simple way is to use WP_Query, with “posts_per_page=-1” as $args.

There are ways to organize the list, for example, group the post by Category. In this case, we can add a new parameter in $args, which is “cat”, and put the query inside a category loop. Here are the code snippets.

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Safe and Easy Terminal Login with SSH Config File

Managing so many WordPress websites, dealing with Terminal & command lines is inevitable. I use Mac OS X, so Terminal app and SSH command are the tools get me connected with remote machines occasionally. Although Coda 2 is my main code editor, FTP client & Terminal app, there is time I like to pop up the simple Terminal app, and use few command lines for a quick checkup.

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How to Manipulate WordPress Automatic Background Updates

Not just another regular update, WordPress 3.7 made automatic background updates a reality. Gone are the days of manually updating WordPress to tighten up web site security or fixing bugs, background updates can keep your WordPress installation updated with this latest 3.7 release.

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WordPress is Testing Automatic Background Update in 3.7 Beta 1

WordPress is testing background update. One of my site running on WordPress 3.7 alpha has been quietly updated to 3.7 beta. I didn’t even know until I received an update notification email.

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WordPress On The Go

I get random emergency requests from time to time while I am away from my desk. Instead of carrying a laptop, I normally just take my iPad mini. Since installed the right apps, I found myself can get more work done on the road. As a developer, I don’t write many blogs, but code, and other administrative tasks. The tools that I eventually settle with are WordPress and Diet Coda.

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How to Setup SFTP Connection with Private SSH Key in Coda 2

To manage website, I use SFTP/SSH over FTP. When use SFTP/SSH, I choose key-based authentication over username & password. Key based login is considered much more secure than password based login. The good news is, most Linux based hosting packages allow user to active SSH access. Comparing with setting up a FTP connection in your favorite FTP client, setting up a SFTP connection with private SSH key does require few extra steps. But once it is done, you can enjoy more secure connection with less security concern.

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