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How to Create a WordPress Plugin

Plugins are ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress. We don’t have to be a dedicated plugin developer to write WordPress plugin. There are situation where we need to alter some existing functions, or add some features to existing site. You may learn from various resources that, to add this, you need to drop code snippet to function.php. The fact is, making changes to function.php isn’t always the best solution.

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Dynamically Populate a Select field from Custom List

When we start using Custom Post Type & Custom Field to enrich our WordPress website, to meet various real world situation, building relationship between different datasets becomes a common practice. A simple example, is project & client relationship. If we manage this in database, we always link client to project using client ID, because client may repeat in multiple projects. If we use Custom Post Type to manage project and client in WordPress, the challenge is: how do we dynamically populate a latest client list into a client choices for a project?

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Take Control of Post Revisions

WordPress revisions system saves a record of each saved draft or published update. This feature is important to site owners, because it provides some sort of “backup” for the content in case you accidentally edit posts the wrong way. By default, WordPress saves every copy of revision when you click Save button. All the revision copies take up room in database, will eventually slow down the query time, especially on sites with many blogs.

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Quick Fix for Working with Absolute Path on Temporary URL

Can’t think of a better title, here is the scenario: After creating a new account at hosting service provider, we are normally assigned a temporary URL before link this hosting account to domain of final production site, for example: Sometimes, we have to work on the temporary URL through development stage before site goes live for various reasons. The temporary URL creates temporary trouble to some not well-written code in case “absolute path” is used in either themes, plugins, or existing site. The trouble can be either broken links, or missing images.

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How to Make TubePress Responsive

TubePress is a well-designed plugin that brings YouTube or Vimeo video gallery into WordPress website. With easy CSS hack, we can easily fit TubePress video gallry to different theme. But out of the box, TubePress doesn’t offer responsive option.

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Change Howdy User Greeting Message on WordPress Admin Bar

“Howdy, $user” is the default greeting message on the top right corner after successful user login. I didn’t give it a second thought until today. I got a request asking me to change the greeting from “Howdy” to “Hello”.

Sounds simple?

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List All WordPress Posts by Category

If you are looking for a way to automatically generate a post index page, with all the post title & link in a WordPress website, the simple way is to use WP_Query, with “posts_per_page=-1” as $args.

There are ways to organize the list, for example, group the post by Category. In this case, we can add a new parameter in $args, which is “cat”, and put the query inside a category loop. Here are the code snippets.

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